Arkas Expands its Fleet and Vessels with a $240-Million Investment

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Arkas Container Vessel Fleet Grows Further with Four New Vessels Bringing the Total Count to 53

Arkas is investing $240 million to add four next-generation eco-designed container vessels to its fleet, bringing the total number of vessels to 53 and increasing the TEU capacity to over 100,000. With this investment, Arkas is not only expanding and rejuvenating its fleet but also taking steps in line with its sustainability strategy.

Owning the largest container vessel fleet in Türkiye, Arkas has invested $240 million to order four next-generation environmentally friendly vessels.

The vessels, each capable of carrying 4,300 TEU, will be built by Guangzhou Wenchong Shipyard (GWS) in China, renowned for its production quality, and will represent the highest capacity vessels in the Arkas fleet. With this investment, Arkas will increase its container fleet to 53 vessels and its capacity to 103,630 TEU, simultaneously rejuvenating and expanding its fleet.

The vessels are scheduled for delivery in February, April, June, and August 2028 and will be operated by Arkas Line. Built as next-generation eco-designed vessels, they will support Arkas’ sustainability strategy by reducing carbon emissions. This will be achieved through their fuel performance measurement system as well as their increased capacity.

Arkas Line, which operates weekly services in the Mediterranean, Black Sea, West, North Africa and North Europe, will now improve its network with a new service to the East Coast of America.


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